Introductory Pilates Class

Introductory Pilates Class

Posted on April 16, 2015 by Stephanie

The Pilates Center at Goucher College is teaching an introductory Pilates class in our brand new yoga center Monday, April 20th at 6:30pm.

As you know we only offer the best to our residents and the community of Towson. Goucher’s mission “is to preserve Joseph Pilates’ unique system of body conditioning and to assure our clientele of a safe workout by reputable and well-trained instructors certified through the True Pilates New York and Romana’s Pilates.

If you haven’t visited our Health and Fitness Center, and if you love to work out, you’ll never want to go to another gym. Our center includes a yoga room, state-of-the-art equipment including treadmills, cycles, ellipticals, weights and CrossFit-style ropes, kettlebells, as well as Fitness on Request. Plus we offer special classes at our residents request.

This class is the first in many events coming up at Winthrop Towson, all of which are centered around living green and living well. It’s just another opportunity for our residents to live the life they want at Winthrop Towson.

If you have questions about the class, or would like to schedule a private tour of our brand new apartment community visit us at or call us (866) 982-4250 any of our sales associates would be happy to help you.