Meet Chelsea, Sales and Marketing Associate

Meet Chelsea, Sales and Marketing Associate

Posted on May 26, 2015 by Stephanie

Continuing with our “Meet Team Winthrop” posts, we were excited to sit down with our Sales and Marketing Associate, Chelsea to find out what she loves about Winthrop Towson.

Where are you originally from?

I am from the Northwest corner of Connecticut, but also have some roots in upstate New York in the Finger Lakes region. I moved down to Maryland to work at Bozzuto, and have loved every minute of it. The people in Maryland are wonderful and Towson is so much fun to live around!

How long have your worked for Winthrop/Bozzuto?

I am coming up on my one year with Bozzuto, and I have been with the Winthrop since November 1st.

What is your favorite Winthrop amenity?

My favorite Winthrop amenity is definitely the Zen Garden. I love the hammocks because they’re so nice to lounge in, but our residents have also already helped us create some great memories there. We had a Winthrop Garden party where we planted flowers from a local greenery in our planter’s boxes. We all had so much fun getting our hands dirty and making the garden really beautiful for the summer!

What is your favorite place to eat around Winthrop? 

This is a hard question! There are way too many great places to choose from! I’m partial to Sushi, so as far as food goes, I would have to say my favorite is Sushi Hana, but Towson Tavern does have one of the best atmospheres in town (and great burgers!).

What is your favorite kind of music or group?

I listen to a lot of different genres, but I’m partial to alternative music. I’m particularly excited for the upcoming Mumford & Sons concert at Merriweather!

What do you love about Winthrop?

There aren’t many apartment communities that you can move into and see that not only do the residents know each other, but they’re friends. As the Winthrop community grows, it has been more and more of a pleasure to work with the wonderful people who live here. Their positive energy and willingness to support one another has made for some truly wonderful events!

Winthrop is pet friendly – do you have a pet? 

I do have a pet. She is a two year old Cocker Spaniel named Zora. She is jet black, but has a big white spot right on her chest, almost like she’s wearing a suit! She loves to run outside and play ball. She is the light of my life!

What is the first word that comes to mind to describe yourself? 

Loyal. I always feel the urge to protect my friends and family, which at this point includes my Winthrop family (coworkers and residents)!