Meet Molly, Our Summer Intern

Meet Molly, Our Summer Intern

Posted on June 23, 2015 by Stephanie

Continuing with our “Meet Team Winthrop” posts, we were happy to sit down with our summer intern Molly to find out more about her.

Where are you originally from?

I grew up in south Florida, and lived in Orlando for college. I just moved up here last month.

How long have you worked for Winthrop/Bozzuto?

I have worked for Winthrop since the beginning of June, I just started as an intern but I’m loving it so far.

What is your favorite Winthrop amenity?

That’s a hard one. I’m a huge fan of the virtual training center we have here. I’ve been meaning to do some kick-boxing after work one day. I also really love the Zen Garden, the hammocks are perfect for hanging out and relaxing during breaks.

Where is your favorite place to eat around Winthrop?

Towson Hot Bagels is my new favorite place up here. I want to get around to trying basically everything on their menu.

What is your favorite kind of music or group?

Right now I’m really enjoying Mumford and Son’s new album, but it really depends on my mood. I also love Taylor Swift, and I’m super excited to see her in DC next month.

What do you love about Winthrop?

The people! Everyone here from the staff to the residents has been so friendly and welcoming, it’s definitely making moving up here from Florida easier. And I love getting to see everyone’s dogs, they’re all so adorable.

Winthrop is pet friendly – do you have a pet?

I do have a pet, her name is Abby and she’s a lab mix, and I am obsessed with her. She lives back in Florida, but my favorite part about visiting home is getting to hang out with her.

What is one summer activity you look forward to around town?

I love going to all the summer concerts around. Living here is great because I can go to shows in DC and Baltimore, so I have a long list ones I plan on attending this summer.

What is the first word that comes to mind when describing yourself?

Adventurous. I’m always wandering off, and exploring my surroundings. I love traveling so I’m always looking for my next adventure.