3 Lessons Your Dog Can Teach You

3 Lessons Your Dog Can Teach You

Posted on October 9, 2015 by Stephanie

Owning a dog can be one of the best things you’ve ever done. They give us so much love – so many tail wags – and honestly can teach us a few things about happiness at home.

Things are just things..

The rug? An accident might happen on it. The pillows on the couch? Sometimes they can be chew toys. They’re just things, things that can be replaced – and now we have a reason to shop.

There are plenty of places to sleep..

Think your place is too small for an overnight guest or two? If your dog can make a sofa or the floor work for them, maybe your friends and family wouldn’t consider it an inconvenience to sleep on your couch, or an air mattress. Don’t let a small space prevent you from having friends and family visit.

Coming home should always be a happy experience..

Coming home after one of those days should be a joy overload. Your dog, after all, is waiting there for you to greet you with licks, jumps, and plenty of tail wagging. If coming home isn’t the best part of your day, maybe you should think about why it’s not. Try cleaning in the mornings or doing food prep on the weekends so you can relax in the evening.

No matter what, rest assured, when your keys hit the lock, your dog’s day just got 100% better!