Cunningham’s Cafe and Bakery: Fresh, Local Food for Breakfast and Lunch

Posted on August 2, 2017 by editor

Cunningham’s Cafe and Bakery resides directly beneath its sister restaurant Cunningham’s in Towson, and while Cunningham’s gives off more of a formal, fine dining vibes, Cunningham’s Cafe and Bakery is markedly more casual. It offers fresh food for breakfast and lunch in a quick-serve setting, as well as cups of coffee.

Don’t let the laid-back approach at the cafe fool you, though — its team is just as serious about food and drink as the chefs upstairs. They bake their breads and pastries in-house, source their eggs locally from their own Cunningham Farms, and only pour cups of coffee that are roasted in small batches. You can expect freshness in every bite when you order the Bagby Breakfast Sandwich, a biscuit stuffed with your choice of breakfast meat, plus an egg and cheddar cheese. The same goes for lunchtime sandwiches like the pulled pork, which showcases barbecued meat from Cunningham Farms paired with house-made slaw on ciabatta bread.

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Public Domain/Pixabay/JayMantri