Try the Honey Toast at Honey Bing Cafe

Try the Honey Toast at Honey Bing Cafe

Posted on June 12, 2018 by editor

If you haven’t tried honey toast yet, head to Honey Bing Cafe. Honey toast is a staple in cafes in Asia, but it’s relatively new to the Towson area. To craft it, the chef soaks a thick slice of bread in milk, butter, and sugar, then sears it to golden-brown and crispy. At Honey Bing Cafe, patrons recommend you order your honey toast topped with cold, sweet fruit and a dollop of whipped cream.

The decadent honey toast is just one of the treats on the menu at Honey Bing. It also serves up boba tea, a sweet and icy tea infused with chewy pearls of sugar. Then there’s the bing soo, a classic version of shaved ice. Order yours loaded with creative ingredients like kiwi, condensed milk, and sweet red beans. The eatery also offers a small menu of the savory dim sum if you want dinner before your dessert.

Honey Bing Cafe

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