Make Towson Tavern Your Laid-Back Hangout

Posted on November 30, 2018 by editor

There’s nothing fancy about Towson Tavern, and that’s exactly what regulars like about this local watering hole.

The televisions are usually tuned to the local sports teams, and the menu emphasizes traditional pub fare, like buffalo wings, nachos, and burgers, as well as a handful of Maryland regional specialties, including crab cakes and crab chowder. The kitchen also offers daily and weekly specials that can keep both your belly and your wallet full. On Mondays you’ll be able to enjoy half-price burgers, while Tuesdays bring double portions to the table. Wednesdays feature 50-cent wings, and Thursdays offer fixed-price bottomless drinks. Weekend specials are even better, thanks to special late-night food menus (try the mozzarella sticks), and discounted meals during any football games. Yelp reviewers say the atmosphere is lively and welcoming, so consider rounding up a few friends and heading over next time the game is on.