Try the Workout of the Day at Crossfit Towson

Posted on January 3, 2020 by editor

Crossfitters have a reputation for being ultra-devoted to their workout of choice, and if you ask the members of Crossfit Towson, they’ll tell you it’s because Crossfit inspires a sense of support and community among its practitioners. Why is that? Well, primarily it’s because every member of the gym is doing the same workout on the same day, which means that you all face the same challenges and work together to overcome the same hurdles.

Crossfit also emphasizes functional movement, which means that you’ll be engaging in activities that work multiple muscle groups together, and you’ll often be doing exercises that mimic the kinds of movements you need to perform in real life (including pulling, pushing and jumping). Yelpers note that the coaches at this Crossfit location are always available to help you through the workout of the day, whether you need technical advice or simply a bit of friendly encouragement. If you’ve been looking for a new gym, now may be the time to check this one out.