Nature and History Converge at Cromwell Valley Park

Posted on July 23, 2020 by editor

It’s time to get creative on your next trip to Cromwell Valley Park. The Nature Center, Children’s Garden, picnic tables, and even the port-a-potties are all closed due to the pandemic. But times like these are a great excuse to find all of the natural splendors that you might otherwise miss. There are over 200 species of birds at the park, along with other small creatures throughout the forest paths and waterways. Bring the kids to go on an animal scavenger hunt, or simply take in the fresh air and gorgeous scenery with a brisk walk around the grounds. Cromwell Valley Park is also rich in historical significance, with Willow Grove and Sherwood Houses onsite.

The website is a valuable resource to read about those buildings before you go, or to learn about the Lime Kilns at the north side of the property. And as the pandemic concerns continue to decline, Cromwell Valley Park plans to open more onsite amenities and host the clubs and camps that the park is so well known for. Visit now while many items are still closed, and keep your fingers crossed for a busy summer activities calendar to come.