Explore Modern Takes on Southern Fare at Towson Tavern

Posted on September 28, 2020 by editor

With features in Baltimore MagazineThe New York TimesUSA Today, and Food Network Magazine, it’s clear that Chef Brigitte Bledsoe is a name to watch when it comes to food. We’re lucky enough to have the expertise of this Towson native showcased at Towson Tavern, bring her passion for southern classics and quintessentially Maryland flavors to your plate. 

Visit Towson Tavern in person for brunch, lunch, or dinner, with traditional dishes and creative interpretations alike—who could say no to a waffle grilled cheese? However, you can enjoy the flavors of Towson Tavern and Chef Bledsoe outdoors or at home as well, with to-go and outdoor dining options. Here, too, you’ll be greeted by unique and standard southern menu items side by side: order crab cakes or southern fried chicken for the flavors you expect or opt for something a little less expected, like their chimichurri grilled steak. 

Bledsoe’s menu is appealing in its blend of creativity and classic cuisine, with options that every visitor to Towson Tavern will be sure to love. Whether you opt for one of their more unique dishes or stick to a tried-and-true favorite, and enjoy it in-house, outdoors, or at home, you’re in for a treat when you try Towson Tavern for dinner tonight.