Winthrop’s Canine Residents Can Roam and Romp at Lake Roland

Winthrop’s Canine Residents Can Roam and Romp at Lake Roland

Posted on November 24, 2020 by editor

Have you been to Lake Roland? Regardless of your personal answer, chances are there’s still more you’ve yet to experience at this local lake and its surrounding park. With biking and foot trails, Paw Point Dog Park, Acorn Hill Playground, and more, there’s sure to be something you’ve yet to explore along Roland’s shores.  

Over seven miles of trail, you’ll find paths differentiated for walkers and cyclists, with multi-use trails and pedestrian-only paths marked accordingly. Kids will love a stop at the playground, while your fur baby can socialize at the dog park⁠—after all, dogs need friends, too!

For a more unconventional experience, considering visiting the memorial benches and trees that dot the Lake Roland landscape. If a late friend or family member is commemorated in stone or shade, you can stop and remember their legacy. Even if the names are those of strangers, you can take a moment to rest and think of them. 

For still another unique experience at Lake Roland, be sure to stop and appreciate the artwork that intersects the Red Trail in particular. These contemporary pieces complement the area’s natural beauty so that, even if you can’t quite “get” the meanings behind pieces of art, you’ll be able to appreciate their appeal.