Hampton National Historic Site: Step Back in Time Near Winthrop

Posted on April 29, 2021 by editor

In a time where we’re spending more time than ever close to home, why not explore the area a little more? Living where we do we are surrounded by so much incredible history. One historic home that is surely worth a visit is the Hampton National Historic Site. While the estate buildings are closed to the public, the grounds are still open to wander and explore. Also, virtual tours of the mansion and lower farm are available, allowing you to explore the estate from the comfort of your apartment.

This site was established way back in the late 1700s and was home to the Ridgely family who played a large role in the tobacco industry. At its peak, the estate spanned nearly 25,000 acres and was a self-contained empire with a tobacco plantation, homes for indentured servants and prisoners of war, and ultimately farmland and mining quarries in the 1800s.

The home was sold to the National Park Service in 1947 and has since been restored and turned into an attraction where we can learn about dark times in our nation’s history. It’s an incredible place to explore and learn.