Escape the Room at Smart Escape

Escape the Room at Smart Escape

Posted on June 18, 2022 by editor

Do you want to uncover the magical secrets of the wizard Merlin? Find a pirate’s hidden treasure? Rid of the world of a curse? Or rob a bank? Well, all of that is possible at Smart Escape!

Gather friends, family, coworkers, and loved ones to play in a highly immersive themed environment. Where you all have to work as a team to solve puzzles, find keys, and discover secret doors. You and your team only have one hour to use common sense, out-the-box thinking, and puzzle-solving skills to unravel the mystery and escape. 

Each team of 2-7 people are locked in an immersive, themed room with nothing but each other, your smarts, and your skills of teamwork and cooperation. 

Smart Escape is currently closed Mondays through Wednesdays, but accommodations can be made through their website. Then they are open Thursdays from 3 pm- 10 pm. Fridays 2 pm- 12 am. Saturdays 12 pm- 12 am. Sundays 12 pm- 10pm.